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Hi there! I'm a piano teacher in the Brooklyn/Prospect Park area. I've been teaching for many years, to all ages and in all styles. I tailor my lessons to my students, giving them the foundational skills they need to play any genre, from pop to classical, jazz and Broadway. I also teach songwriting and music production.

Music improves kids' development academically and socially. As they master musical skills, they have the fun of short term payoffs--playing simple versions of songs they love--and then longer-term payoffs as they gain greater mastery over the piano. It also gives them ways to connect with others, and a lifetime of joy and satisfaction playing music they love.

For adults, there is no time like the present to revisit your dream of playing piano. Many people had bad experiences with teachers when they were growing up, often learning music they didn't like. I make sure that lessons are tailored to each student, so that both adults and children make steady and enjoyable progress as they learn music that excites them.

I myself am an award-winning songwriter and keyboardist. I have written music for TV, films and musicals, including a Disney animated film, a PBS series and MTV. My stage musicals have appeared Off-Broadway and in regional theaters all over the country, as well as Japan, Australia and the UK.

If you're interested in learning more about my background, you can click on the Learn More button below.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!

-- Gaby Alter

Making Music

Beginner Students

- Learning the Keyboard
- Music Reading
- Scales and Chords
- Harmony
- Basic Improvisation

Intermediate Technique

- Site Reading
- Chord Charts
- Pop Rhythms
- Improvisation
- Intermediate Chord Theory
- Songwriting

Music Production

- Electronic Music Production

- Live & Electronic Recording 

- Sequencing 

Programs used:

GarageBand, Logic, Reason


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"Gaby is a terrific teacher. He’s able to balance technique with musical theory with training your ear with just learning how to play fun songs. And he’s able to do that for kids and grown ups alike. I’m so grateful we found him as a teacher." -- Rachel S.

"My daughter was thinking of giving up piano, but by helping her play songs that she likes, and changing them so she can actually learn them, it makes it feel like something she's interested in learning. I've seen more willingness to practice and excitement at seeing herself improve." -- Emma C. 

"Gaby is very fun and he makes learning piano fun. He picks songs I'm interested in, like "How Far I'll Go" (from Moana) and "Let It Go." I even learned how to play the blues." -- Lucia C., age 12

Girl Playing Beginner Piano